Introducing Jake van Dam

Hey my name’s Jake van Dam and this is my third year as an eChamp for the NEMBC! I’ve just recently graduated year 12 and I’m hoping to study public relations in the future as preparation for a career in radio. I’ve had my own radio show and made a podcast for a year 12 media studies project so this is the basis of my experience plus these years as an eChamp.

By being an eChamp for the NEMBC I’ve been able to meet a lot of incredible people and learn from how they’ve been involved with radio and what’s helped them achieve what they have. These people along with radio personalities like Hamish and Andy are my benchmark, if I can get to where they are or close, that would be my ultimate goal.

As an eChamp I’ll be posting about parts of the conference as they happen over platforms like Facebook, Twitter and WordPress so be sure to keep tabs on those.