Multicultural Media: A cornerstone for cohesive societies

Anthea Hancocks

Anthea Hancocks

We welcomed Anthea Hancocks, CEO of the Scanlon Foundation (@Scanlon_FDN).

The Scanlon Foundation supports and encourages immigration and social cohesion.

Anthea has an extensive background in strategic planning, business development and community services, and is the backbone of the Scanlon Foundation committed to “the successful transition of migrants into Australian society”.

She suggests there are five indices contributing to a cohesive society:

  1. worth
  2. social justice
  3. acceptance/rejection
  4. belonging
  5. participation


“I like to think of these as a pyramid – at the foundation of the pyramid is the importance of a person’s sense of ‘worth’,” she says.

“In making the decision to travel to Australia, families are seeking to have a sense of belonging and to make their way into their new home.”

Media plays an important role in all five steps of the social cohesion pyramid.

Particularly community radio is able to provide new Australians with a platform to be heard, to be accepted, belong and participate.

Anthea’s final message for multicultural broadcasters as follows:

“Be a channel for sharing global activities and news through a range of voices,” she says.

Recognise those in your community who go above and beyond, and share common interests in the community you represent as a multicultural broadcaster.


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